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The rarely updated blog of Joel Dixon

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Saturday, January 29, 2005

A Good (?) Idea

# Posted by Joel Dixon at 29/01/2005 17:57:00
Updated by Joel Dixon at 19/08/2007 11:17:49

When trying to cut an image from paint I was squinting my eyes to see where my hairline cursor was sitting. I've used Hypersnap-DX to take screen captures for a while now - and it includes an integrated zoom window.

While doing my cut from paint, I was thinking that it'd be good to have the same kind of zoom window available with a keyboard shortcut. I know that Microsoft has their Magnifier (press Win-U), but it only provides a small window on the top of the current monitor. I'd like a way to zoom with my secondary monitor (I'm on a dual monitor setup) when I press a keyboard shortcut.

I was thinking that this might be something I have to make myself, until I remembered a product called UltraMon that provides these kinds of utilities. I had a quick look at their site and couldn't find it. Then I remembered the reason that I never bought UltraMon - my videocard came with software that provided all of UltraMon's functionality.

Sure enough - after a quick look through the nView Desktop software I found exactly what I was looking for. Now, when I press Ctrl-F12 the secondary monitor changes to a 10x Zoom window. The window also swaps monitors when my mouse does. See snapshop below (the right half is the zoomed window, and my mouse is somewhere in the top left of the first monitor. And yes, I'm currently listening to Live - I absolutely love "We Deal in Dreams").

I love finding things that I didn't know I had!

Zoomed screenshot

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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Microsoft AntiSpyware

# Posted by Joel Dixon at 09/01/2005 13:58:00

Microsoft has recently released their AntiSpyware software, which is basically a product of their acquisition of Giant Software.

I gave it a quick go - and it looks really good. Setup was easy, and it downloaded the latest signature files in no time. I was a little surprised when it finished though - it said I had no Spyware:

No Spyware here

I guess I practice safe-computing? Another neat feature that I didn't know it had - you can get it to erase the history of some common programs etc:

Spyware privacy options

I'm going to keep the real-time protection running - and see how it goes.

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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Software I use

# Posted by Joel Dixon at 04/01/2005 22:22:00

In case anyone's interested - here's a list of the Software / Utilities I use for my various home projects:

Firefox - My favourite browser.

Opera - I use this browser (along with IE) to test my websites. It would probably be my browser of choice if it wasn't for Firefox.

Total Commander - A split screen file manager for Windows. Having two directories side-by-side to easily copy / move makes a lot of sense when you start using it.

IrfanView - A very easy-to-use and powerful Image viewer / editor. Converting files is a breeze.

UltraEdit - I was using TextPad for my MDI (Multi Document Interface) needs for a while - but it got too annoying. We use UltraEdit at work, and it worked well in most instances, so I purchased it for home.

GetRight - The download manager I currently use - though I don't use it that frequently (dial-up).

Quintessential Player - I bought MusicMatch Jukebox ages ago - until they required extra money to upgrade (I hate that), so I switched to QCD. Works very well in my experience - and it's freeware!

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