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The rarely updated blog of Joel Dixon

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Provins, France - 2012

# Posted by Joel Dixon at 17/09/2012 00:20:58

I'm a cat fan. Not as crazy as some, but I am certainly partial to a feline. Dogs are cool too, very cool, just not as cool. I understand that this is not the most popular statement to make, especially as a male. I hear the "but dogs are so much more loyal than a cats. A dog completely loves you, a cat couldn't care less" argument quite frequently. I think it is a matter of what you want and need out of life. If you want a pet that will be subservient to you regardless of how much of a dick you are - sure, get a dog. To me, it's comparing the bond you can form with a wife against a mail-order bride. I'm not afraid of a little work in my pet selection.

Anyway, a friend (thanks Bell) alerted me to Parc des Felins, a cat park about 45 minutes away from Paris, full of cats of all shapes, colours and levels of fluffiness. So after leaving Dijon I spent a night in nearby Provins so I could visit the cat park on my way to Paris. I am not disappoint.

Provins was selected because it was a reasonable-sized town that was pretty close to the cat park - that's about all I knew. After bit of research, it turns out it was a pretty good place to visit even without the kitty bribe. Provins used to be one of the homes of the Champagne fairs that would produce a lot of visitors and resulted in a number of medieval structures being built. Once the fairs lost relevance in France, Provins steadily declined in importance. This was a good thing because it pretty much turned Provins into a time capsule for the 13th century.

I feel like I've just won the Special Cup (I can't believe I had two different wiki sites to choose from for my "Special Cup" link - nerds! *cough*)

Provins was kind of cool - but I was only there for the one afternoon and was far more excited about visiting the aforementioned cat park. Once arriving at Parc des Felins the show was almost stolen by a mischievous goat escaping from his pen. The park has a mini farm with a lot of goats, and one of them clearly desired a leaf that was outside of his pen. He climbed up a supporting post, jumped over the fence, and enjoyed his delicious leaf prize. A park keeper was on hand to pick up the cheeky goat and put him back in his cage, but not before letting me have a pat Sure enough, once she had left the little goat had jumped the fence once more and was again snacking on ill-gotten leaves.

He appears as sure footed as a mountain goat

It looks all cute after being caught, but I bet the goat is actually a bit of a sexist asshole. I reckon he's here thinking "pfft - why don't I see anyone dragging you back to the kitchen to where you belong!"

The cats themselves were really cool, organised into African, American and Asian sections. Some just looked like a normal cats with unique markings, others were svelte and very strong looking. Then there was the big cats, which are always a treat to see up close. My favourite feline was a Manul - the cat that time forgot. I had reached the upper limit of cat proximity by the end of the morning, as I certainly told a few of the exhibits whether or not they were a kitty (hint: yes, yes they were). Most of my photos were pretty shitty due to a hiding cat or a lack of proper lighting, so I am quite happy I got to experience it in the flesh. I've also managed to bulk up on my cat facts, so prepare for some random text messages everyone

This African sand-cat may look pretty cute - but he is currently staring down a baby off camera. That doesn't sound that tough - but it was a pretty large baby

A white tiger chillin' in a field. If what I've learnt about racial stereotypes is true - he also drives a car in a very uptight manner

A manul - the cat that time forgot. Also the cat that forgot to stop eating once full - what a chubby bastard

This is the 19th in the EuroJoel - 2012 series
City 1 - Lisbon, Portugal - 2012City 2 - Porto, Portugal - 2012City 3 - Madrid and Toledo, Spain - 2012City 4 - Valencia, Spain - 2012City 5 - Barcelona, Spain - 2012City 6 - Naples, Italy - 2012City 7 - Rome and Vatican City, Italy - 2012City 8 - Florence and Pisa, Italy - 2012City 9 - Milan and Bologna, Italy - 2012City 10 - Venice, Italy - 2012City 11 - Prague, Czech Republic - 2012City 12 - Dresden, Germany - 2012City 13 - Berlin, Germany - 2012City 14 - Legoland, Denmark, 2012City 15 - Edinburgh, Scotland - 2012City 16 - Nice and Monte Carlo, France - 2012City 17 - Lyon, France - 2012City 18 - Dijon, France - 2012City 19 - Provins, France - 2012City 20 - Paris, France - 2012City 21 - Ireland - 2012City 22 - London, England - 2012City 23 - Killarney - Ireland, 2012City 24 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - 2012City 25 - Brussels and Bruges, Belgium - 2012City 26 - Warsaw, Poland - 2012City 27 - Krakow, Poland - 2012City 28 - Vienna, Austria - 2012City 29 - Budapest, Hungary - 2012City 30 - Bucharest, Romania - 2012City 31 - Nile Cruise, Egypt - 2012City 32 - Cairo, Egypt - 2012

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