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The rarely updated blog of Joel Dixon

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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Pittsburgh - For some hockey (why not?), 2017

# Posted by Joel Dixon at 20/12/2017 08:17:47
Updated by Joel Dixon at 09/08/2018 03:14:11

Getting over to Pittsburgh from Australia involves a long flight and many dollarydoos, so we planned to attend as many Pittsburgh games as possible while there - giving us the best chance to experience a hattrick for the good guys and to watch Fleury playing in his final year with the Pens. So after returning from Philadelphia we had tickets to catch two further Penguins games, one against the New Jersey Devils and one hosting Jaromir Jagr's Florida Panthers.

For the Devils game I took a peek at the ticket exchange website and a pair of seats jumped out at me. There were two tickets available on the glass, directly behind the Penguins bench. Of course, the price was exorbitant but it wasn't too much trouble to convince myself that such an extravagance was justified for the chance to watch legends of the game at ice level. When we sat at our seats, it was very clear that the cost was worth it - we had an incredible view of the entire Penguins bench.

Literal Front Row
Two Penguin heroes, Chris Kunitz and Rick Tocchet, unfortunately no longer with the Penguins this year

To be honest, the seats did not give the best view of the on-ice play unless the puck was on our side and directly in front of us. I had to look upwards at the scoreboard for most of the time to actually see what was happening in the game. We did get an awesome view of a Kessel goal from the wing (my favourite type) but it wasn't the offensive plays that I loved the most, it was the players behavior on the bench that intrigued me.

Sid And A Kid
Hmmm, this reminds me of another fantastic hockey-playing pair

Watching Kessel hunched over gasping for air directly before getting back out there and scoring that goal, seeing Crosby laughing along with Sheary after he missed an easy opportunity and hearing Hornqvist fuming mad after being pulled off the Power Play had me mesmerised for the entire time. We also got a great feeling for how huge the players were, especially when Ian Cole delivered a giant hit right in front of us. The mass and power speeding around along with cannon-like shots makes me wonder why injuries aren't even more prevalent. In the end the Penguins won by two goals and I was a very happy fan (even though Fleury wasn't in net for the game).

Glove Bump
Glove bumps following one of Crosby's two goals for the game

Talking To
Coach Sullivan during one of his numerous calm chats with the referee

With a day of between hockey games, we decided to keep things relaxed and had a pretty lazy time with a nice sleep in the next morning. We somehow found enough willpower to get ourselves out of the hotel and checkout a few of the lower-priority activities on our "things to do" list. I'm glad we did, as we both had an enjoyable day. We started by heading out to Canton Avenue, the "steepest street in the United States" and steepest in the world according to some (even though I'm pretty sure the New Zealand one has it beat). My first thought when arriving was "wow, that's a steep street" followed quickly by "but I kind of expected steeper". Pao and I took turns running up and down the incline as I'm sure those that live nearby bemoaned yet another stupid tourist. Canton Avenue probably only made the list because it was very close to a unique restaurant - Beto's Pizza - known for serving pizza with cold toppings. I was a little surprised by how quickly I got used to the crazy meal in front of me - a warm base, warm sauce and sausage with cold cheese, onions, peppers - and when the cheese started to warm and melt slightly it was pretty incredible. Probably not my preferred style of pizza going forward, but certainly a worthwhile experience and something that I still occasionally crave.

Steep, but not overly long

Pizza, but not as you know it

For the afternoon we headed to South Side to walk around and decided to catch a movie at the cinemas (another one of those non-unique, mundane experiences). Part of the local culture that we witnessed was incredibly rude people in the movies - much worse than things I would complain about in Melbourne. The best example was when a phone rang for the person sitting a few rows in front of me. Well, the example wasn't when the guy's phone rang, it was actually when he answered his phone and shamelessly carried on a conversation at a normal volume. Those around him didn't seem to surprised by this behavior, surely this can't be a frequent occurrence?

On our way home we decided on Five Guys Burgers and Fries for dinner - pretty much exclusively for a YouTuber's review and subsequent viral autotuned song. The burger wasn't quite as delicious as my all-time number one favourite burger in Japan, but it was pretty dayum close! The service was fantastic and I think this shows a similar amount of care put towards cooking the burgers, fries and hotdogs - as they were all perfectly-made and tasted amazing. I also had the best shake of the trip in Five Guys, I think they had real banana and strawberries instead of relying on simple flavouring. On top of it all they also had the peak example of man's technological innovations, a Coke fountain dispenser where you could create your own a beveridge with unparalleled customisations. I had a tasty lime Coke, but it took me a while to finally decide on my creation.

The meat just absorbs all the space, and all the air possible in your throat

I can now see how unoriginal I was, with Coke Lime the front and center suggestion

We slept off our fantastic burger meal and did almost nothing before the final hockey game on the schedule - an afternoon game against the Panthers. This was going to be a special game for me, as it gave me a chance to watch one of my favourite Penguins from our first two cups - Jaromir Jagr. Almost more myth than man, Jagr was a Penguins hero right through the lean years post-Mario Lemieux retirement, until he started "dying alive" and even Mario's surprise comeback wasn't enough as he requested a trade - heading off to the division rival Washington Capitals. The Penguins fans were quick to boo him whenever he returned to play in Pittsburgh, especially after he later double-down on the apparent disrespect by teasing fans (and Mario himself) with the idea of coming back to play in Pittsburgh after leaving the KHL before changing his mind and going to the bigger division rival Philadelphia Flyers (for more money of course). Even after his questionable loyalty I've always enjoyed watching Jagr play, and it seemed he and Mario buried the hatchet during the NHL's 100-year celebrations.

Lock No More
You can see Jagr skating by the Penguins bench here. Unfortunately his hair is no longer what it once was, otherwise I wouldn't need to point out his location

We chose seats on the side that the visitors attack twice so that we would have the best chance to see Jagr's offensive play. When we found out Fleury was the starting goaltender for the game I was ecstatic, as we were down his end of the ice for two periods - able to watch him up-close and be part of the Fleury cheer squad. One of the first things I noticed was that no-one was booing Jagr for this game, it seems after 16 years it just took a few comments in the press from Mario regarding his contributions to the history of the Penguins for the fans to give him a pass. The video tribute he received was pretty classy by the team, and I was proud to be a part of the standing ovation he truly deserved.

It didn't take long for the Penguins to take control of the game, or more specifically Crosby as he scored two great goals right in front of us. I told Pao this was it - bringing our hats to every game would finally pay off - and I was almost in disbelief when he did finally score that third goal. My hat was off my head and I took a second to concentrate as our seats were near the ice, but certainly not as close as the Devils game. I grabbed the brim and spun the hat towards the ice with all my strength as I watched it barely clear the glass before resting on the playing field. The opportunity to be part of the age-old tradition was amazing, and the fact it was my favourite player was scoring the three goals (natural and all even strength for that matter) made it that much sweeter. I took a second to savour the moment before thinking about the next unlikely achievement that the Penguins could provide to me - a shutout.

Hat No More
Off goes my hat...

I've never attended a game in which the Penguins shutout their opponent, with the score 4-0 and Fleury locked in I started to consider the possibility. Save after save as each minute ticked down - I was getting more and more confident that Fleury would deliver the goods. I couldn't believe it when the final horn sounded, but I was quick to join the chants of "Fleury, Fleury, Fleury!" as I appreciated not only his outstanding performance that night, nor the perfect hockey game I was able to witness, but the extraordinary gift that Marc-Andre Fleury gave the Pittsburgh Penguins over a career of excellence.

Standing Room Only
... and PoP goes my heart!

This is the 11th in the Joel Goes To Camp series
Game 1 - Pittsburgh Arrival - Border Security Magic, 2017Game 2 - Mario Lemieux Fantasy Camp 2017 - Day 1 (Registration and Penguins Stadium Series)Game 3 - Mario Lemieux Fantasy Camp 2017 - Day 2 (Contract Signing, Training and Game)Game 4 - Mario Lemieux Fantasy Camp 2017 - Day 3 (Outdoor Game, Injury, Dinner and Drinks)Game 5 - Mario Lemieux Fantasy Camp 2017 - Day 4 and 5 (Final Games)Game 6 - Chicago - Blackhawks, Bulls and a bean, 2017Game 7 - Pittsburgh Return - Fleury, Fleury, Fleury!, 2017Game 8 - New York - Third time's a charmed lamp, 2017Game 9 - Miami, Naples and Tampa - Beaches, Babe and a Baby Sloth, 2017Game 10 - Philadelphia - Not that sunny, 2017Game 11 - Pittsburgh - For some hockey (why not?), 2017

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Pittsburgh Return - Fleury, Fleury, Fleury!, 2017

# Posted by Joel Dixon at 14/12/2017 09:02:27
Updated by Joel Dixon at 20/09/2018 05:01:42

Continuing our jet-setting lifestyle, we flew back to Pittsburgh from Chicago just in time to see another hockey game - this time against the Tampa Bay Lightning and my first game at the Penguin's new-ish home - PPG Paints Arena (seems like a strange mouthful for a name, but I'm actually used to it now). I was wearing my awesome Magnitogorsk Malkin top (a gift from my equally awesome girlfriend) and it attracted a fair few double-takes. I also ensured we were all wearing a hat that we wouldn't miss, as I was sure one of the Penguins would score three goals allowing us to engage in the age-old tradition of throwing our hats on the ice to celebrate a hat-trick.

A much better view, sitting with a much classier bunch of fans (Penguins fans, of course)

Our seats were pretty cool, we had an awesome view of the Penguins attack in the first and third periods - but when the puck was up the other end of the ice the view was limited. Seeing Malkin take control of the game was awesome, and he scored two goals in the second period leaving me assured that he would get the hat-trick and I would be able to toss my headwear skyward. It was pretty lucky as the seats we had for this game was easily close enough to clear the distance to the ice. Malkin did have a few chances in the third period to score the final of his trick - but he could not do enough to have my hat leave my head. The Penguins won, so that was more than enough for me as we walked back to the hotel in high spirits.

We had a day off between hockey games, so I wanted to cover off some more of the local flavour of Pittsburgh. This started with a trip to Gaucho Parilla Argentina, a highly recommended Argentinian restaurant in a trendy part of town. The food was amazing (as Argentinian food so often is) and we all agreed this was the best meal of the trip to that point. We were in walking distance to a few local tourist spots, the first of which was the Warhol museum.

Line Up
We thought we'd get there early (as booking are not accepted) but still had a bit of a queue

Gauchito Gut
A picture cannot do this meal justice - although you can see some empanada remains on my plate that were quick to disappear

Somehow I didn't already know that Andy Warhol was born in Pittsburgh, although further research has suggested that he was pretty happy to get out of the 'burgh and wasn't too interested in highlighting his Steel Town upbringing. It was an interesting museum and pretty cool seeing some of his more famous works, but on the whole the celebration of an avant-garde artist is not exactly up my alley.

Soup For You
The Warhol money shot

Three Jeans
There wasn't many pieces I recognised - but this was one of them

Surprisingly more up my alley was the nearby Randyland and Mattress Factory, a colourful local landmark and public art space respectively. More than anything, Randyland was an excellent idea of Randy Gilson - to clean up and bring colour to the Mexican War Streets of Pittsburgh by decorating his home and collecting and painting pieces of junk found or donated to the cause. I frequently pick on my partner Pao for her junk-collection compulsion (Pao never throws anything out - reusing it as part of her job educating children) - but she's got nothing on Randy.

Randy Baby
It certainly catches the eye

Take A Seat
Randyland was more for Pao's benefit - but I actually thought it was pretty neat

If Randyland was a pretty good spectacle, the Mattress Factory was a great spooktacle (I may have been listening to too many podcasts that over-value the use of horrible puns recently). The Mattress Factory is a public art space that is available to rent for short-term projects - and when we walked through it was a super creepy installation, but in a good way. The building itself was curious to start with, with tight corners, narrow staircases and winding hallways. The artist had decked out every available surface with cool minute hobby trains, doll houses and anything else that shouldn't be creepy, but somehow is (especially with the eerie music being pumped out of the speakers).

Weird Gets Creepy
Shadows, stairs, string and creepy music - still enjoyable

Feeling culturally full, we headed towards a local burger joint that was recommended to us - Burgatory. A build-your-own-burger establishment, we were blown away by the options available to us, and may have gone a little overboard in our selections. People joke about US portion sizes compared to the rest of the world, but this seemed especially true in Pittsburgh. I wanted to try all of the delicious options as I would not have a the same chance back home, but this meant I was consistently ordering more than I needed and feel terrible when I left anything on the plate. I'm guessing the meal at Burgatory was the exact point when I put back on any weight I would have lost during the gruelling exercise of the hockey camp.

Yes, thanks for bringing us the left over milkshake in the mixing cup. I will certainly be needing that...

After our meal we had a chance to head to the local casino and try our luck at the table games. Instead we chose to go straight home and sleep. After all of the recent eating, I'm very content with the choice we made.

For our final full day in Pittsburgh with my little brother, we packed into another Uber and headed out to the top-rated of Pittsburgh's escape rooms (we'd caught the bug in Chicago). It was another great fun experience, and we even escaped this time, but there was certainly a dip in quality noticed compared to our last outing. After our success we took yet another Uber, this time to the Duquesne Incline (which I still have no idea how to pronounce). The incline goes up Mount Washington, and was on all of the "things to do in Pittsburgh" lists. It certainly was a thing to do, but I suspect it would have been much cooler at night time (as the Pittsburgh skyline is actually pretty cool at night). At the top of the mountain we had lunch at the nearby Grandview Saloon (which, I must admin, did have a grand view). The lunch was pleasant, but a few minutes after sitting down I noticed that most of the paintings on each wall contained children smoking cigars. Further research suggests the Grandview is also a cigar bar, but I'm not sure this is enough to explain the artwork of kids partaking in the habit. After declining Mount Washington and heading back to the hotel, we took a quick detour to the Milkshake Factory with a predictable result (delicious but impossible to fit in) before getting to the arena in time for an afternoon Penguins game.

The view from the incline and the corner of my very photogenic thumb

More Shake
Absolutely no need to buy this milkshake, still delicious though

We had some average tickets for the Buffalo game, but one of the guys I met at the hockey camp very generously offered to let Pao and I join him and his partner in their seats - a far better part of the arena. We were situated basically at center ice in the top of the lower bowl - an absolutely perfect view. One day, when I make my millions selling advertising on this blog site (*cough*) I would love to have season tickets in that area of the ice.

View Please
Watching a hockey game from any of the seats is an unbeatable experience - but these seats certainly added a little something!

Pao and I are both huge Fleury fans - mainly because his impeccable on-ice performance is only surpassed by how much of an awesome guy, father and teammate he has proven to be (as if you needed more proof). I was lucky enough to see him play in his first season with the Penguins, way back in 2005, and I was hoping we'd be able to watch him play in a few more games during our trip - in what would surely be his final season with Pittsburgh (due to the early resurgence of Matt Murray). Unfortunately Murray (being Sullivan's guy) had been starting many games for us, and he also did so this afternoon against the Sabres. However, after the Pens let in three goals in the first period, Fleury took the ice in the second and he seemed determined to right the ship.

The Pens were still a little off their game, but Marc-Andre was certainly ready to go. He played incredibly, making multiple amazing saves while waiting for the Penguins offensive machine to get started. Eventually they did, with goals from Schultz, Malkin, Guentzel and Sheary propelling the Pens over the Sabres - but the crowd certainly knew the star of the show. I couldn't have been happier to join the chorus of "Fleury, Fleury, Fleury!" shouts that led to Fleury later commenting to a reporter that the Penguins fans are good to him. No matter how good the fans are to Fleury, he was certainly better to us!

This is the 7th in the Joel Goes To Camp series
Game 1 - Pittsburgh Arrival - Border Security Magic, 2017Game 2 - Mario Lemieux Fantasy Camp 2017 - Day 1 (Registration and Penguins Stadium Series)Game 3 - Mario Lemieux Fantasy Camp 2017 - Day 2 (Contract Signing, Training and Game)Game 4 - Mario Lemieux Fantasy Camp 2017 - Day 3 (Outdoor Game, Injury, Dinner and Drinks)Game 5 - Mario Lemieux Fantasy Camp 2017 - Day 4 and 5 (Final Games)Game 6 - Chicago - Blackhawks, Bulls and a bean, 2017Game 7 - Pittsburgh Return - Fleury, Fleury, Fleury!, 2017Game 8 - New York - Third time's a charmed lamp, 2017Game 9 - Miami, Naples and Tampa - Beaches, Babe and a Baby Sloth, 2017Game 10 - Philadelphia - Not that sunny, 2017Game 11 - Pittsburgh - For some hockey (why not?), 2017

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Mario Lemieux Fantasy Camp 2017 - Day 4 and 5 (Final Games)

# Posted by Joel Dixon at 07/05/2017 12:28:53

My Mario Lemieux Fantasy Camp experience provided innumerable jaw-dropping moments - yet they all fail in comparison to the first time I stepped out onto PPG Paints Arena on day 4 of camp.

Locker Room
We had regular hockey stalls at PPG Paints Arena, I wonder if the volunteer equipment manager knew how awesome this all was to me. I did try to tell a few of them - but due to the alcohol I think it just came out as "I love youse guys"

I had watched a few NHL hockey games many years previously, back when the Penguins played in "The Igloo" or Mellon Arena, but I had not yet seen a game in the new multi-use facility that is currently named PPG Paints Arena. It struck me as more than a little odd that the first time I would ever glimpse the ice surface of the Penguins in person was while I was walking out to play a game (with a Hockey Hall of Fame teammate no-less). It's difficult to describe how amazing it was to step out onto that ice the first time. While we did play a game outdoors at Heinz Field, the stands were quite far away and it just felt like playing on any outdoor rink (which certainly was an experience in itself). Seeing thousands of seats looming above the ice was an incredible feeling - I can't imagine how I would have reacted if the seats were filled with screaming fans. It made me wonder how the rookie pros can concentrate when they finally make it to the NHL - I was struggling to keep my mind on the game as it was. I did, however, make sure to warm up like a champion - by stick-handling over the well worn McDonald's logo which is a favourite of Crosby (or an inescapable superstition that he now regrets).

Almost Full
Previous camps have had games open to the public - which could draw quite a crowd considering you can watch Mario on the ice again. As if I didn't feel the need to crap in my padded shorts enough…

Almost Warm
I'm not sure if I've adequately described how bat-shit crazy it felt was that I was about to play a game of hockey at PPG Paints Arena

When the game started I cobbled together another mediocre performance, but this time I didn't have any level of faceoff prowess to make myself feel better. Although the laws of probability would insist otherwise, the majority of my faceoff tilts were lined up against the opposition's pro Ron Duguay - most well known for his glorious flowing locks (and the understandable response that followed from his female fans). Duguay completely destroyed me at the faceoff dots, and it wasn't even close. I'm fairly certain I didn't win a single faceoff against him - thankfully I did win a couple when he wasn't on the ice. This abject domination made me question whether Turgeon actually had been trying against in the previous game - but for the sake of storytelling (and my sanity) I've since decided that he was.

Off Faceoff
I'm glad those three people in the background got adequate footage of yet another faceoff loss for us

After the game we were treated to another tour - this time of the locker rooms at PPG Paints Arena. While the main dressing room didn't surprise me (as we'd seen already seen the copy at the Penguins practice facility), the rest of the amenities were suitably impressive. My favourite part was when we got to the custom-built shooting gallery in the depths of the arena. What was previously a storage area was furnished with a goal and nets - providing the players an ad hoc area to work on their shot. I made a very primitive version of this myself by hanging some tarp from my garage back home and throwing down a square of high density polyethylene for a shooting pad. Obviously the Penguins version was much cooler than mine - but what really drew my attention was the stack of sticks on the side of the room.

I love the small touch with the crowd in the background

I'm guessing they don't clear these out too frequently (judging by the stick for Plotnikov)

We had been told repeatedly that we were not to touch any of the players gear or sticks while on our tours - which is more than fair enough. Fortunately, the sticks that the players deem unlucky made their way to the shooting practice room, and these sticks we were allowed to use. Being able to grab one of Stanley Cup Champion Phil Kessel's distinctive candy stripe sticks and use it to fire some pucks at the goals was all kinds of awesome! Not many of the Penguins are right-handed like I - so I could only take use of Kessel, Letang and Patric Hornqvist's twigs - but there was also a stick in the rack that was a tad strange. The previous owner's name had been scratched off, but I did notice it was Crosby's height and had Crosby's specific blade profile. I imagine it had the name removed to prevent people from stealing a stick that could make some money on eBay - but I was just happy enough to be holding it and firing some incredibly weak left-handed shots at goal (just so I could experience using a rejected Crosby stick).

The actual player sticks (that we could not touch) - Kessel clearly expects to go through more than a few

Skate Repair
Dana's skate repair work area - well-organised would be an understatement

I was wondering around the "Suite 66" section of the arena, casually glanced at these two Conn Smythe trophies…

... and the sticks Mario used to score his 500th and 600th goals. When I was a kid I always wanted a Koho Revolution because it was used by Mario

After an autograph session (in which I got my two new jerseys and a heritage Lemieux top from the 1992 season signed by all of the camp pros) we had our semi-final game (we finished second to play off against the third team). Not much changed as far as my play was concerned - but it was awesome seeing Coffey and Caufield shift into a higher gear. They were clearly invested in the result of the semi-final, and it was fun watching Coffey's skating improve to impress me further. We ended up winning the game and booked our ticket to the final - the winner of which would receive a trophy that could be lifted at centre ice. I wanted that trophy bad!

Faceoff Loss
The semi-final was against Duguay's team again - but this time I think I actually won one faceoff against him (not pictured)

Behind Net
Setting up behind the net to send out a pass

It was pretty cool having Lemieux push me out of the crease protecting his goalie

Playing against so many amazing people - I almost forgot to mention that one of the captains was Bryan Trottier winner of 6 Stanley Cups with more than a few interesting stories

We headed back to the hotel for dinner and drinks while watching the Penguins lose in Dallas to the Stars. I had another few interesting conversations - but headed to bed much earlier than the last night. I had to be ready for the grand final (when I would surely score my first goal of the tournament).

I woke up very nervous on day five of camp. Even after 3 seasons of weekend ice hockey, I never fail to be full of nerves before each and every game - and this always ramps up during finals. Surprisingly, I was at a pretty average level of jitteriness before and during each of the camp games I had played in so far - I assuming my body just didn't know how to handle the events transpiring around me. This all changed with the camp grand final, I was amped up to a level I hadn't experienced before. Coach Larouche had brought in his Stanley Cup rings - as he had promised he would if we won the semi-final. Sticking one of those bad boys on my finger was pretty cool, as was the feeling of relief when I safely removed it and returned the jewel to its box.

Coffey pumped us up in the rooms before the game, and there was lots of camaraderie amongst the team. If felt really cool to be a part of, but certainly did add a little to my nerves. As if that wasn't enough - Mario Lemieux was playing for our team again, and would be playing with my line. Now was my turn to score a goal with Mario assisting - as the prophecies (my dreams) foretold.

Strategy Session
I certainly don't remember what we were discussing here, so I'll just assume Mario was asking for my advice…

Up on the big screen (without having to dance to Cotton Eye Joe)

I certainly played one of my better games, pretty defensively sound and had a couple of rushes up forwards resulting in good scoring chances. Coffey tried to set me up for a goal a few times to no avail. I also had a great chance when Mario passed me the puck in the attacking zone, I got past one defender before unfortunately losing the puck off my stick before I could shoot. The size of my new stick was really bothering me the whole camp long, certainly not a mistake I'll make if I do return next year.

Mario sees me trailing the play with speed...

... passes the puck past three defenders, as you'd expect…

... before I let it roll off my stick. Like you'd also expect

Mario Lemieux was supposed to switch sides at the half-point of the game, but as we were trailing the stacked team by 5 or so goals, he elected to stick with our sinking ship. We did score a few late goals to make it interesting, but team Patrick won the game pretty easily. After the game, Mario Lemieux signed the helmet he had been wearing and gave it to me, plus Coffey signed his water bottle with a nice message for me to take home. It's hard to explain how these small gestures pretty much made my year (and hockey career in general), if Mario's helmet wasn't too large for me I'd be wearing at every single one of my future games until it fell apart.

Unfortunately the helmet hasn't given me "Super Mario" powers

I am thankful that I have reached a position in life that I can assist such a worthwhile charity as the Mario Lemieux Foundation. Put simply, the foundation's Hockey Camp is a one-in-a-lifetime event that I will always treasure. The more I think about it, the more I realise it's not the results of the tournament or even the sweet autographed equipment I carted home that will affect me in the years to come, sustaining me when I eventually lie in bed too old to lace up my skates. I will value most the awesome people I met during the camp and our shared experience of playing hockey with a bunch of pros that were just as happy to be there as we were. I certainly hope I can convince some of them to come back next year so we can do it all again!

I'll have to work on my faceoffs.

This is the 5th in the Joel Goes To Camp series
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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Mario Lemieux Fantasy Camp 2017 - Day 3 (Outdoor Game, Injury, Dinner and Drinks)

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The timing for the 2017 Lemieux Fantasy Camp was perfect as not only was the Stanley Cup in the house for our contract signing, the 2017 Stadium Series consisted of an outdoor game at Heinz Field against our most-hated rival the Philadelphia Flyers. Watching the outdoor game was a pretty incredible experience - but day 3 of camp gave campers the chance to actually play our own games on the outdoor ice sheet. As if I hadn't already had enough excitement.

We left in the early morning to depart for Heinz Field, and from the moment we got there it was a strange experience. We got changed in the visitor's locker rooms - an NFL locker room is much different to the NHL equivalent. With twice the number of players dressing for an NFL game than an NHL game the locker room seemed cavernous even with all four camper teams in there. Walking out onto the ice was weirder still, and as we crossed the rubber-covered football ground towards the makeshift ice arena I started to feel the cold. Obviously ice hockey is a sport that can get chilly - but being outdoors during a Pittsburgh Winter was something else entirely. They turned on the heated benches but this just made me feel like the majority of my cooking (burnt on the outside and frozen in the middle). On top of all this, we were in the middle of a football arena and whenever my gaze drew upwards I was captivated by an incredible view (of empty seats). The one aspect that wasn't strange for me was the quality of the ice. The ice conditions were a little bit choppy by the end of our game, something I'm very used to back home. That the temporary, outdoor ice rink built during unseasonably warm weather was just as good as the purpose built ice arenas back home says a lot about the state of ice hockey in Victoria.

Walking Out
This felt exactly as strange as it looks, but also a little bit badass

Nothing Odd
This shot captures both the incredulity of me playing on a team with Mario Lemieux, but also the zero people that were watching in the 65,000+ seats available for viewing

There were also no surprises when it came to my performance in the second game - I was below average in most aspects of the game. There was, however, one thing that I was pretty happy with. I've always played centre throughout my inline and ice hockey career - which means I've taken a lot of faceoffs. I quite enjoy the game within a game that faceoffs provide and I take them quite seriously (as exhibited by the number of sticks I have that were crushed at the end of the blade). Learning the way different refs drop the puck, how each opponent will take a draw, knowing whether to go forehand / backhand, going for a clean win or tie up are all going through my head when I line up after each stoppage. Somehow, I won most of the faceoffs cleanly during the outdoor game - including 2 out of 3 against Pierre Turgeon, an ex-NHL centre and personal favourite of mine for many years.

Finally, something I didn't completely suck at. Turgeon's grin makes me think this was the first faceoff I won against him

The first draw against Turgeon was won pretty easily to my backhand, I suspect Pierre wasn't trying all that hard. He gave me a "well done" in congratulation but his tone suggested he would actually try harder when we faced off next. The next draw I won cleanly to the forehand side, and I heard an immediate noise of displeasure from Turgeon that had me feeling pretty good. The final time we lined up was a win to Turgeon but I would hazard to say it was not a clean win - it required a second effort from Pierre before the puck was directed to his side. At the handshake line after the game he recognised me and congratulated me for the minor victory. It sounds silly (and insignificant when evaluating my entire contribution to the tournament), but this was another highlight of the camp that I will never forget - no matter how many faceoffs I will later lose for my Victorian team.

Pao managed to capture my grin during the handshake line while chatting to Turgeon about my faceoff prowess

Each of the four camper teams would have one chance to play with Mario Lemieux joining the lines, and the outdoor game was our opportunity. He would join a different line each period and float through the positions - but as I was on the fourth line I didn't have a chance to skate with him this time. I did have a chance to watch him from up close - and that was an experience in itself. Lemieux is still such a smooth skater and capable of making incredible passes with his head up. It was clear he wasn't trying at 100% for this game and even so he was very impressive to watch. I was so happy for my new mate Bryan as he received a pass from Lemieux, and then setup their third linemate for a goal. I can't imagine how amazing the resultant fist-bump with Lemieux would have felt!

Caufield Bomb
I think we're a victim of a Jay Caufield photobomb here

After I got changed one of the camp organisers took me to the side and let me know that my partner Pao had sprained her ankle quite seriously. As my personal camp photographer, Pao was running around the outside of the arena taking photos with our phones and camera. She was doing such a great job but perhaps not paying enough attention to the terrain under her feet. When our itinerary begun with the camp being the first thing we did in the U.S., I was worried that any injury I sustained would then make the rest of our travels annoyingly difficult or even impossible. We had no expectation that it would actually be Pao suffering an injury during the hockey camp. Thankfully there were 2 doctors taking part in the camp - both super great guys and happy to help us out with an initial investigation of the injury. The camp organisers were also awesome and really took care of Pao - we ended up in a local Pittsburgh hospital where Paola's ankle was x-rayed and no fracture was detected. The aircast she limped away with was a great help for the rest of our trip and Pao was even able to climb a certain statue a week later.

The second game for the day was cancelled due to poor weather (more fortuitous timing, considering we spent most of that time at the hospital) so we headed back to the hotel for some well-deserved rest. After an appropriate nap (essential for hockey players I think you'll find) we had dinner at the nearby Morton's Steakhouse. Great food and excellent conversation was then followed up with some surprising, heartfelt and hilarious speeches from the pros. Tie Domi was pretty amusing the first few days of camp (and the butt of the other pros jokes at times) but I was really impressed by the impassioned speech he gave when talking about the opportunity we all have to help the Mario Lemieux Foundation. Some of the other speeches were pretty funny, but certainly nothing that I could or should be repeating here.

When we got back to the hotel I wanted an early night in hope of performing a little better in the following games - but I'm so glad I didn't. We stayed up a bit and had a few drinks with various campers, and I ended up standing next to Larry Murphy at the bar for over an hour. He regaled us with stories from the Penguins heydays during the 91 / 92 cups - Scotty Bowman taking over as coach after Badger Bob's tragic early death, the Penguins rally from a 3-1 series deficit in 1992 against Washington, how it felt to be hit by Ulfie Samuelsson or how it felt to go into Philadelphia and get beaten by the Flyers. Larry was particularly interested in how a video game led to me following hockey and the Penguins - he was actually one of the five starters that specifically caused me to choose the Penguins. I know I had far too many beers, and I felt pretty crap the next day - but I will treasure those conversations for a long time to come.

This is the 4th in the Joel Goes To Camp series
Game 1 - Pittsburgh Arrival - Border Security Magic, 2017Game 2 - Mario Lemieux Fantasy Camp 2017 - Day 1 (Registration and Penguins Stadium Series)Game 3 - Mario Lemieux Fantasy Camp 2017 - Day 2 (Contract Signing, Training and Game)Game 4 - Mario Lemieux Fantasy Camp 2017 - Day 3 (Outdoor Game, Injury, Dinner and Drinks)Game 5 - Mario Lemieux Fantasy Camp 2017 - Day 4 and 5 (Final Games)Game 6 - Chicago - Blackhawks, Bulls and a bean, 2017Game 7 - Pittsburgh Return - Fleury, Fleury, Fleury!, 2017Game 8 - New York - Third time's a charmed lamp, 2017Game 9 - Miami, Naples and Tampa - Beaches, Babe and a Baby Sloth, 2017Game 10 - Philadelphia - Not that sunny, 2017Game 11 - Pittsburgh - For some hockey (why not?), 2017

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Mario Lemieux Fantasy Camp 2017 - Day 2 (Contract Signing, Training and Game)

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The "fantasy" aspect of the Mario Lemieux Fantasy Camp approached warp speed on Day 2 with the contract signing and jersey presentation. I knew that Mario Lemieux himself would be signing my 5-day "skilled hockey player" contract and presenting me with my #53 jersey - but as I entered the contract signing room I was met with a surprise. As the Penguins had defeated all challengers in the most recent NHL season, the Stanley Cup served as an incredible backdrop to the jersey presentation photograph. I'm sure some of the camp goers would have been in awe of one of sport's most storied trophies, but I almost ignored the Cup with my attention fixed on the fact that Mario Lemieux was signing a contract specifically for me (the fact I had visited the cup previously in my travels was also a factor). I had a quick chat to Mario about my travel plans after leaving Pittsburgh (at least I think I did, it was a bit of a blur) before Pao and I got a photo with Lemieux (and that Cup). Sure, it was all fantasy and contrived - but what took no longer than 5 minutes will remain a fond memory as long as I live.

Five Day Bargain
Joel Dixon of Surrey Hills (I probably should have guessed they didn't want me to be so specific when they asked my "hometown" during the application process)

No Hold Out
The the stuff of dreams is made a reality - I still can't believe the opportunity I've had

Now that the camp had secured my skills (for the week anyway) we piled onto the bus and drove to the Penguins' practice facility in Cranberry. Team Adams (the group I was placed with) had a training session first up, so we headed to our locker rooms to change. Time for another shock to the system, I walked into the locker room and my gear was neatly laid out with my jersey hanging name and numbers facing out. I'm a huge fan of Penguin's equipment manager Dana Heinze and his Twitter account - so I've seen so many pictures of the Penguin's locker room setups. Seeing my gear laid out, my skates freshly sharpened and a table stacked with various snacks and tapes - I really started to get a small insight into the life of a hockey player. It sounds like such a small thing, but the camp's volunteer equipment managers had a huge impact on the feel of the camp for me - I was not expecting how much they would bring to the experience.

More Gear
Love the old school NHL logo on the shoulder

Sharp Work Desk
Jason Binnie was often stuck here - but we all really appreciated having freshly sharpened skates waiting for us at the locker rooms

After all the preamble, it was finally time to throw on my skates - and I was justifiably shitscared. My lead up to camp wasn't ideal as I had fractured my foot three months prior, which ruined my chance for some last minute fitness gains (admittedly I was probably too late for any real fitness - by about 12 years). My doctor was a good sport and we eventually settled on enough anti-inflammatories / painkillers to keep me walking and skating throughout the camp period (and following holiday). Even so, I wasn't sure how the foot would hold up to 5 days of constant skating (when I usually only have a chance to skate once or twice a week). I also had a new pair of sticks (which turned out to be two inches shorter than my normal sticks) and a heap of new gear to break in - all while playing the most important games of my hockey life. Thankfully, when I stepped onto the practice ice, had a few laps and started the simpler drills my foot felt fine and I started to feel a little better. Then Mario Lemieux joined us on the rink and my butt resumed clenching.

Brains Trust
Our coach Pierre Larouche was the youngest player to score 50 goals (until Gretzky) and captain Jay Caufield telestrates for Root Sports (and was part of my favourite bad movie) - yet they still weren't enough as we completely botched most of the drills they drew up

Mario Tries
Mario tried to catch me...

And Fails
... but had to give up (*cough*)

I wasn't expecting Mario Lemieux and Mark Recchi to be joining us for training, but it was really cool seeing them skating around the ice. Sure enough - I found myself in line for a pair drill - and Mario was lined up next to me. A few turns later and it was Recchi standing there. I passed a puck to both (and received one) so as far as I was concerned at that point - the camp would have ended a success if my foot didn't hold up and I had to go home. To add to the good-time feelings, I scored a goal in the end-of-training shootout and seemed to catch the attention of my coach and Mario - can't ask for more than that.

Dont Fail
I think I was pleading with the puck and my stick to be nice for this drill

Yes, I stuffed up the second pass, but things went better after that. I should point out that the dude that defended far too hard on the drill was Bryan, the guy I enjoyed hanging out with for the week - he felt terrible he didn't just let Mario's pass go through. I gave him a hard time about it (of course), but I was just happy to be there!

I was having trouble puck-handling with my new stick - but at least I managed to hold it together long enough for this one!

Getting changed in the locker room I was still feeling pretty good (even though we stuffed pretty much every drill). Our coach told us not to worry - as bad trainings lead to good games and good trainings lead to poor games - little did I know how right he was.

Before that ominous game, we had a tour of the Penguins locker rooms - and it completely blew me away. The extensive weights room had very few weights - most machines operating via hydraulics with the program and results being saved on individual FOB tokens for each player. The player's kitchen and social area was pretty cool too - I would love to sit in the corner and just see how all the players interact during downtime. Most impressive was the team's change room at the practice facility - an (almost) exact replica of the facilities at PPG Paints home arena. Everyone's gear was hanging up ready for the team's return from Dallas (except for Crosby, of course, as he only uses one set of gear that comes with him for every game / training). We had a meal cooked by the team's chef (pretty damn delicious, considering it was all healthy) and started to get ready for our first game of camp.

Chill Zone
This is where the players can chill before training. Kitchen in the back, Xbox One and PS4 in front of these comfy chairs. I tried to hide out in here until the next training days later - but they were onto me

No Crosby
This is just the locker rooms in the training facility - but still look amazing. Crosby's gear travels with him, of course

The first thing I noticed when the game started was Paul Coffey's incredible skating. It was unlike anything I've seen before, he took a few smooth strides and he was already up to top speed. I suspect he may have lost a step or two since his Pittsburgh days - but you couldn't tell from ice level. Watching him swing around the net and fly around the opposition like they were pylons was such a joy - I couldn't have asked for a better team captain.

Line One
You know, just lining up for a faceoff with Coffey as one of my D-men

Crouching Wolverine
One of the professional photos taken during our first game - it looks like I just checked someone but I assure you I did not

During training I was thinking I wasn't so much slower than my teammates, but when we started the game I realised that I was just slow enough to matter. I was always a step or two away from where I wanted to be. I was beaten in most puck battles and felt like I was constantly chasing my opposition player. I had a few good shifts (even stole the puck from Tie Domi at one point), but was certainly on the poor side of average.

Just Tie To Stop Me
After stealing the puck from Domi (more luck than anything really). At one point Domi stood in front of our bench and welcomed anyone to drop the mitts. Huge regret that I didn't take him up on the offer!

Not wanting to be a defensive liability, I didn't want to change while the puck was in our zone - unfortunately my line didn't get the puck deep into their zone at all the first period - which meant my first few shifts were longer than I wanted. This upset the center that was coming on when I was going off.

Now I have been on the receiving end of this before - especially during pick-up games back home - so he was justified in his annoyance. What I don't feel he was justified in was how he choose to deal with that annoyance. Instead of telling me personally to watch my shift lengths - he choose to yell his concerns at me in front of the whole team, following this up with a threat to take a slapshot to my ankles so I would have to go home. Not exactly in the spirit of a charity camp as far as I was concerned.

While it felt like shit to be treated like this in front of my short-term team (especially since I admittedly caused the problem) - I actually think it helped in a small way. The other members of the team seemed to agree that the reaction wasn't proportional to my crime - and most of them told me to "ignore that guy" and had a quick chat with me to see how I was going. I was so happy to be a part of the camp - I wasn't about to let that one guy ruin it for me. So while I did take shorter shifts (without caring too much where the puck was while doing so) I kept a positive attitude and I think it helped me bond better with a few of the other players on the team.

After the game the short-shifted angry man did seek me out to apologise, and did so again in-front of the whole team before a later game, which I do appreciate - especially as I could see he felt bad about the way he reacted. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a bit of a dampener on the camp for me - but it was no worse than the self-inflicted dampener that was the general lack of skill and fitness I had compared to the rest of the participants. At least I've got something to improve on for next year!

This is the 3rd in the Joel Goes To Camp series
Game 1 - Pittsburgh Arrival - Border Security Magic, 2017Game 2 - Mario Lemieux Fantasy Camp 2017 - Day 1 (Registration and Penguins Stadium Series)Game 3 - Mario Lemieux Fantasy Camp 2017 - Day 2 (Contract Signing, Training and Game)Game 4 - Mario Lemieux Fantasy Camp 2017 - Day 3 (Outdoor Game, Injury, Dinner and Drinks)Game 5 - Mario Lemieux Fantasy Camp 2017 - Day 4 and 5 (Final Games)Game 6 - Chicago - Blackhawks, Bulls and a bean, 2017Game 7 - Pittsburgh Return - Fleury, Fleury, Fleury!, 2017Game 8 - New York - Third time's a charmed lamp, 2017Game 9 - Miami, Naples and Tampa - Beaches, Babe and a Baby Sloth, 2017Game 10 - Philadelphia - Not that sunny, 2017Game 11 - Pittsburgh - For some hockey (why not?), 2017

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Mario Lemieux Fantasy Camp 2017 - Day 1 (Registration and Penguins Stadium Series)

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Three years ago, while listening to a Pens game on the radio, I heard a tantalising ad - come and watch Mario Lemieux play hockey at the CONSOL Energy Center - scheduled for my birthday no less! I was lucky enough to see a few of Mario's final games way back in 2005, but that was a long time ago. Having another chance to watch 66 flying around the ice had me momentarily consider taking a week off work and take a quick trip to Pittsburgh.

It didn't take too long to realise that a week-long trip to Pittsburgh to watch a few exhibition games wasn't the most financially prudent decision I could make, even if it offers a chance to watch my all-time hockey hero playing again. As my disappointment gradually dissipated I looked into the event that brought Lemieux out from seclusion and back on the ice, perhaps it would happen again next year so I could plan a proper hockey holiday. When I discovered it was part of a yearly Mario Lemieux Fantasy Hockey Camp I was struck with an unbelievable possibility. As I'm sure is the case for most Australians, the sum of my fantasy camp knowledge comes from a particularly memorable Seinfeld episode, but as I understood it, this camp could allow me to play hockey with Mario Lemieux (but, you know, not punch him). I looked into it further, the Mario Lemieux Foundation was actually offering regular people the chance to experience the life of an NHL player while meeting a bunch of ex-NHL stars. While I had only started playing ice hockey a few months prior, I put my name down on the waiting list and dreamt about the camp a few nights each week. The invite took longer than I had expected, but once I finally received that magical acceptance email - Pao and I immediately started planning our trip!

Day 1 of camp started with registration and gear distribution. I knew that I was going to receive a playing uniform with my name and number on it (based on the vintage 1986 All-Star game designs) including a helmet and gloves - but that was just the start! I was given a large hockey bag (with my name and number on it - I'll never get sick of that) and we were whisked through 4 rooms as the bag was filled with Lemieux Camp-themed sports attire. Tracksuit, puffy jacket, hats, skate guards and jumpers were all piled into my bag - and as a camp guest Pao also received all of the non-uniform items as well. At the end of the experience we headed up to the hotel room to catch our breath and evaluate all the awesome swag that I will now wear until the last thread fades.

On The Gear
It's hard to pick a favourite, but I absolutely love the "Lemieux Camp Hockey" authentic-style logo on the sweatshirt

We didn't have much time to appreciate our goodies, as Pao and I had signed up to participate in a tour of Pittsburgh's UPMC Children's Hospital - to understand exactly what our donations go towards. I'm glad that we decided to squeeze in the hospital visit, it gave us a great feeling knowing that we were contributing towards such an amazing program. Going through serious health issues during his NHL career (chronic back pain, bone infection and Hodgkin's lymphoma) Mario Lemieux created his foundation to help in the fight against cancer. In 1996 Mario's son Austin was born profoundly premature requiring months of intensive care. Mario and his wife Nathalie wanted to spend as much time as possible in hospital with their newborn - but there was nothing to keep their other two toddlers occupied. In 2000 Nathalie started a program to build Austin's Playrooms - providing families a chance to get away from everything medical while still being able to visit their sick loved ones. Pao and I were able to tour the playrooms and are happy to be part of such an important project.

Staff Announcement
I'm going to have to check out our own Children's Hospital at some point and see how it measures up

We came back to the hotel after the tour and sat around waiting for the welcome dinner to start. It was at this time that Paul Coffey, one of the NHL's 100 greatest players and a personal favourite, arrived and sat down at the table I was sitting at. I was more than a little starstruck but like all the pros at the camp, as I would later find out, he was more than happy to chat and was even interested in why an Australian would learn to love hockey. Being the first camp participant from outside of North America was a great way to meet people (not just the Hockey Hall of Fame members) as most people seemed interested in why an Aussie would follow hockey. I also used that opportunity to explain to everyone why I would be so much worse on skates than they are!

As luck would have it, the year I was selected to join the camp coincided with the Penguins being selected to host the NHL Stadium Series, playing a game against our bitter rivals the Philadelphia Flyers outdoors at Heinz Field. So on the first night of camp we all went to watch the game as a group, with Mario Lemieux joining us on the bus. As further luck would have it - I sat across from Mario on the bus and had a quick discussion with him (again, about hockey in Australia) to which he seemed interested (and I probably seemed like a huge fanboy). Someone ended up sitting between us which gave me a chance to realise that there was a police car with sirens blazing and our bus wasn't getting out of the way. A few minutes after that I realised that we were actually enjoying a police escort - which certainly cut down on travel time to the stadium.

While the view of a hockey game from a football stadium wasn't the best - the outdoor game was pretty awesome with all was considered. There were real-life penguins on a side rink playing around with Iceburgh (the first real penguins at a game for quite some time now), the 67,000-strong crowd was thunderous and in the second period snow started to fall. The picturesque environment, and the fact that this was my first live hockey game in over 10 years, meant I was glued to my seat even though there was a warm bar area available to us.

It was pretty cool to see the players have a chance to play in an outdoor game - cooler still that I would be doing the same in a few days!

Penguins In Water
One of the penguins kicked a puck, I nearly died!

Le Tits Now
Let down by my lack of photography skill as usual, but I hope this photo can almost convey the awesome spectacle

Crosby scored (always happy to see that), Malkin was dominating and the good guys won - I was never in danger of complaining! We took the bus home (no escort this time) and went to bed. Day one at camp was amazing - but I was pretty sure that day two was going to be even better!

This is the 2nd in the Joel Goes To Camp series
Game 1 - Pittsburgh Arrival - Border Security Magic, 2017Game 2 - Mario Lemieux Fantasy Camp 2017 - Day 1 (Registration and Penguins Stadium Series)Game 3 - Mario Lemieux Fantasy Camp 2017 - Day 2 (Contract Signing, Training and Game)Game 4 - Mario Lemieux Fantasy Camp 2017 - Day 3 (Outdoor Game, Injury, Dinner and Drinks)Game 5 - Mario Lemieux Fantasy Camp 2017 - Day 4 and 5 (Final Games)Game 6 - Chicago - Blackhawks, Bulls and a bean, 2017Game 7 - Pittsburgh Return - Fleury, Fleury, Fleury!, 2017Game 8 - New York - Third time's a charmed lamp, 2017Game 9 - Miami, Naples and Tampa - Beaches, Babe and a Baby Sloth, 2017Game 10 - Philadelphia - Not that sunny, 2017Game 11 - Pittsburgh - For some hockey (why not?), 2017

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Pittsburgh Arrival - Border Security Magic, 2017

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For 3 grueling years I've been on a waiting list to attend the Mario Lemieux Fantasy Hockey Camp - a 5-day camp giving participants a glimpse into the life of an NHL hockey player and a chance to play and interact with some of the biggest names in hockey. The chance to play hockey along-side and against Mario Lemieux as well as other favourites such as Larry Murphy, Paul Coffey and Pierre Turgeon - while contributing to the Mario Lemieux Foundation - made the decision to join the list a no-brainer. When my name finally reached the top of the list, Pao and I planned a 4-week holiday in the U.S. - and took the opportunity to bring my little brother Tay as a 21st birthday present (I set a silly precedent by doing similar with my sister years ago).

This incredibly generous gift (which I hope ensures Tay remembers me once his music career makes him millions) was almost completely wasted at the conclusion of our our first flight (of a healthy 15 hours). We arrived at the LAX airport and headed through customs and border control mostly concerned with the impending 6-hour wait for our following flight to Pittsburgh. Taylor headed off to one counter while Pao and I went to another for our passport checks. We were waived through quickly while Taylor was asked to head to the "B Sign" for further checks. We tried to wait in the area for him to head out, but were requested to move through and exit the terminal. What followed was 6 hours of interrogation for Tay while Pao and I were harried from one terminal to another trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

I think it's time someone updated the Customs Declaration card I was given upon entry in the U.S.

Initially we waited a few hours as the exit point, assured that he would be coming out in any minute. After an hour I started asking questions only to be told that 1 hours is not enough time for processing, just wait an hour more. The information we received was different every time we asked - but the one consistency was that they were not interested in letting me speak to the officer that was actually detaining him. Luckily our flight was delayed 2 hours, otherwise Pao and I would have been stuck in LA needing to scramble our way onto Pittsburgh before the camp started. In the end we were told repeatedly that customs must have found something in his bag, and it was very unlikely that he would be let into the country (while telling him that we had already left LAX). Once we finally resigned ourselves to rush onwards to our connecting flight, we were told Taylor finally made it through the detainment and was on his way to our terminal. I had assumed that Taylor's ... bedraggled ... appearance was the cause for agents to be concerned - but it turns out Australian Mem Fox (responsible for one of my favourite books from childhood) had similar treatment soon after Taylor's ordeal - and she's a 70-year-old children's author. While Mem Fox received a written apology for the mistreatment - I'm fairly sure Taylor won't be afforded the same courtesy. I'm sure the worrying that Pao and I went through is nothing compared to the complete shit that Taylor was subjected to - but I'm thankful that we did eventually make it onto our connecting flight and arrived in Pittsburgh not too worse for wear.

Australian Too
Somewhat ironically Mem Fox's latest book is about accepting strangers from differing cultures and treating everyone with respect

After purchasing new SIM cards (a huge advantage over long Europe trips is that a single SIM card will work for every U.S. state you visit - with unlimited data!) we headed to the top item on my list of Pittsburgh food to try - a sandwich topped with coleslaw and chips from a Primanti Bros. restaurant in the Strip District. My Pitts-burger (#2 best seller apparently - there isn't a #1 on the menu) was delicious although Pao wasn't 100% on board with the unique flavour.

Tastes Great Jagoff
An early example of large serving sizes in Pittsburgh - a theme that would be repeated again and again

We took a bus to the Carnegie Mellon University campus, mainly to see "The Fence". A cool tradition specifies that the Fence can only be painted over between the hours of midnight and sunrise, only with paint brushes and if the artists want their message to remain they must stand guard over the Fence every night. The original Fence started in 1920 but collapsed under the weight in 1993. The replacement concrete Fence was red when we saw it, which I guess is pretty cool.

Paint The Fence
I'm not sure what the fence was advertising, but I do know that the dude sitting at the picnic table was mere minutes away from being sconned by a soccer ball

Close-by were two more items on the "food to try" list - Conflict Kitchen provides a rotating menu sourced from cultures that are in conflict with the U.S. (currently Jöhehgöh) and Dave and Andy's Homemade Ice Cream to go a completely different direction (incredibly delicious, especially the hand-rolled waffle cone).

Amiable Flavours
The gahgwahgi:'da:h was quite nice, as was the chilled drink of oya:gi'. More punctuation than I normally eat, but hey - I'm on holiday

Steel Jaw
16 scoops in a cup sounds excellent again for this year please!

We decided to walk down to the Market Square for dinner on the first night. We went to The Yard - mainly because of their extensive grilled cheese menu (they also have a great beer selection, which I noticed much later). Yet again we were caught out by the huge sizes on offer here, having to leave behind half of our meals. We walked back to the hotel and got an early night - I was starting camp the next day!

Just A Grilled Cheese
You buy a grilled cheese and you also get the sweet potato fries and the tomato soup (both quite tasty) - I would get so fat so quickly if I lived in Pittsburgh!

This is the 1st in the Joel Goes To Camp series
Game 1 - Pittsburgh Arrival - Border Security Magic, 2017Game 2 - Mario Lemieux Fantasy Camp 2017 - Day 1 (Registration and Penguins Stadium Series)Game 3 - Mario Lemieux Fantasy Camp 2017 - Day 2 (Contract Signing, Training and Game)Game 4 - Mario Lemieux Fantasy Camp 2017 - Day 3 (Outdoor Game, Injury, Dinner and Drinks)Game 5 - Mario Lemieux Fantasy Camp 2017 - Day 4 and 5 (Final Games)Game 6 - Chicago - Blackhawks, Bulls and a bean, 2017Game 7 - Pittsburgh Return - Fleury, Fleury, Fleury!, 2017Game 8 - New York - Third time's a charmed lamp, 2017Game 9 - Miami, Naples and Tampa - Beaches, Babe and a Baby Sloth, 2017Game 10 - Philadelphia - Not that sunny, 2017Game 11 - Pittsburgh - For some hockey (why not?), 2017

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Travel Log - Day 18 (The only game that really matters)

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It Starts
It starts

Firstly, let me take you back. The year was 1994. I was about to start high school, and was probably thinking about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or playing Altered Beast on our Sega Mega Drive. My older brother brought home a few games for the aforementioned Mega Drive with a pooled resource of our Christmas / birthday money. One of them, I do not remember and obviously didn't have a huge impact on my life. The second was Sonic the Hedgehog II, a game that I was very excited about. I had played it a fair bit of Sonic at the local video game store, and it did take up a fair amount of my time during that year. The third game was seen as a little odd to me, as Gavin was more of a basketball fan back then, and I didn't think much of it at the time. That third game was NHL 94.

NHL 94 Title Screen
Notice how small the Electronic Arts branding is

I thought so

Oops, sorry about that

Lemieux to Jagr and he scores to tie it at one

He beat him like a rented mule, Mario Lemieux with the hat-trick.

Gretzky with three pitiful goals gets the third star

With all said and done, I think that that video game has probably had the most effect on my life, more than any other video game. Before NHL 94 I had never heard much about the sport of ice hockey, and only ice skated once when I was around 8 years old. Once I got sick of Sonic and Mr. Prowler I moved on to the NHL game. Initially I played as a few of the teams, and one of my first "favourites" were the Winnipeg Jets (I will buy their jersey one day) mostly due to Teemu Selanne, a gifted scorer. I never really settled on a team until I re-met an old primary school friend who's dad was a huge Penguins fan. The transition was simple for me, as Pittsburgh was also a team I would often play as, with both Mario Lemieux and Jaromir Jagr lighting it up, almost at will.

From then on, my love for the Pittsburgh Penguins only increased. When my parents installed pay TV I was finally able to watch some of the games in full, and allowed my friends and I to watch Mario Lemieux's first comeback against the Toronto Maple Leafs at 3 am one December morning (it also introduced me to Mat Hoffman and the X Games, which kindled my love of rollerblading). Becoming a savvy interweb user helped a lot, as I was able to track my favourite team instantly and gain a lot of Penguin information quicker than I had previously encountered.

So that's why I like the Pittsburgh Penguins. Belinda, my lovely wife, on the other hand - chose her favourite NHL team (the Colorado Avalanche) because she likes the colour blue, and the Avs (with some blue on their jerseys) had recently won a Stanley Cup.

I provide this background information, so that you can understand why I deeply wished that the mighty Pens would crush my new wife's favourite team in their showdown match. This was the schedule for Day 18.

We might have done something during Day 18 that was non-hockey related. Perhaps we had a nice meal or saw some more of the town of Pittsburgh. I'm not 100% sure however, as I just thought about my last chance to see the Penguins win a regular season game. As always - dot point goodness:

  • I noticed during my research into this fateful game that the Colorado Avalanche had played a game the night before this one. I looked a little deeper and saw that the Avs had only played back-to-back three times prior in this season. The other three times resulted in a loss in the second game. Hesitant confidence was gained!
  • With Marc-Andre Fleury in net with his golden pads of goodness, I was feeling a little more confident about this match. That little nipper is just awesome to watch in goals.
  • I noticed that once the game started, the Penguins were playing with energy that I had yet to see. They were running around and banging bodies - it was looking like the momentum was all theirs. Maxime Talbot (one of my favourites) was one of the main proponent of the physical play, and it was fun to watch
  • Even more fun was watching the Penguins score the first goal of the game - the crowd was electric. I let myself get excited and started thinking about a win.
  • It only took 6 minutes for me to crash down into depression as the Avalanche tied the score at 1. To the Penguins credit, they kept the pressure up and went ahead again with only a minute to go in the 1st period.
  • After the Pens traded a goal a piece in the 2nd frame, I was still a little edgy being only 1 goal ahead to start the third period. My main man (after Crosby, Lemieux, Fleury etc) Max Talbot made me jump from my chair midway through the 3rd period with a well deserved insurance goal to put the Penguins up 4-2. It was great seeing Talbot's tough physical play rewarded with a goal in an important game.
  • Colorado scored another goal to make it 4-3, but the Penguins held on and I saw my first ever Pittsburgh victory. It was sweet!

The dance begins!

They Score
Belinda got to see a few Colorado goals ...

We score more
... but I got to see an extra Pittsburgh goal

We win
We winned!

Now, although the Penguin's record against the Av's was 0-9-1 in the last 10 games (we won 0, lost 9 and tied 1), the new record is 1-0-0 in the last 1 game! To Bell's credit, she did take the loss much better than I would have. Though I do admit I was a little worried about the plane ride home!

This is the 19th in the Honeymoon Travel Log series
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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Travel Log - Day 17 (A kid in a candy-filled toy store)

# Posted by Joel Dixon at 21/03/2007 20:46:00
Updated by Joel Dixon at 15/11/2007 22:39:20

At the start of the 17th day overseas, I was starting to feel a little over travelling. The air travel, poor meals (involving a whole lot of cheese), lack of sleep and general running around was starting to catch up with Bell and I. I was also starting to get a little bit homesick, though this feeling was lessened by the impending show-down between the Mighty Penguins and the lowly Avalanches.

Due to a previous planning issue Day 17 was also a schedule packed with "bumming around". We went into town, and stumbled upon a toy store. It seemed like a proper, old fashioned, not-too-commercial toy store, and was a welcome change from some of the other, more commercialised sights.

The toy store was 3 levels of fun which was quite a feat, as unlike space crazy New York, the toy store had three decent sized levels. The items that interested Bell and I the most was the Christmas decorations.

Being that we were coming close to Christmas at this time, it was understandable that some holiday decorations would be on display. But these weren't just decorations, these were to-scale model representations of various Christmas themes. There were heaps of different varieties, many different ways to enjoy the holiday period with collectibles (here's some examples). The most we would ever see in Australia is a modest nativity scene model, but I must admit we snapped up some pretty cool items.

Nativity Scene
My parents have something that look just like this, I used to love pulling off the moss

Christmas Scene
The M&M Christmas themed decorations we bought in Pittsburgh

MM Factory
Where the magic happens (I'll resist my regular pants joke)

This one is just awesome, and note the winter M&M tree in the background

Such great detail - Yellow obviously needs to be persuaded by Red

As Day 17 was another light-on day for content, I'll post some other pictures of M&M toys Bell and I bought.

Red's quite the ladies man...

... but seems equally enthused when his partner is a scared, peanut-filled yellow male. Fair enough I guess

Yellow spins Red right 'round baby (etc)

This is the 18th in the Honeymoon Travel Log series
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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Travel Log - Day 16 (Worst NHL Game Ever)

# Posted by Joel Dixon at 17/03/2007 19:32:00
Updated by Joel Dixon at 14/07/2017 00:49:41

I had originally made a huge plan for our honeymoon, the planes we would catch, hotels we would stay at, hockey games we would watch, tours we would take and the various tourist locations we would gander upon. I created it in HTML and hosted it on my website so I could make changes from work in the weeks leading up to the trip. After I added all of the staples (planes, games and tours etc that we had booked), I would add a few ideas of what we could do on our days without plans. The trips to the Bronx Zoo and the Disney Store were planned in my handy Honeymoon Itinerary before actually booking tickets. For each day we had free I would research the various things available and note down a few options. Unfortunately work got really busy leading up to the honeymoon, so I had only finished planning up to Washington. This all meant that Day 16 was essentially un-planned - and we didn't do much at all really.

But at the tail end of a very busy and exciting honeymoon, both Bell and I were ready for a bit of a change in pace. We were also a little sick of carrying a camera around everywhere we went - so this post will be lacking in photos. We've agreed that we'll have to buy Belinda a new, small camera for the next trip we take.

After waking up very late in the morning (or perhaps the afternoon) we had lunch at a very nice Chinese restaurant. It's a pity it wasn't closer to our house - because I'm sure Bell and I would eat there quite frequently if it were. Other than the very nice meal, we pretty much did nothing other than watch a hockey game - the Penguins vs Minnesota Wild. Speaking of which, here's the summary:

  • Marc-Andre Fleury wasn't playing in net for this game, which was my first disappointment. This was very quickly followed up by another as the Wild scored the first goal just over a minute into the game. It certainly kept the crowd quiet.
  • Crosby was held without a point in the game, but was definitely the best player on the ice. He seemed to be the only one trying.
  • I was very upset by the way the Penguins were playing, they had few shots and were down 3-0 at the end of the second. But the behaviour of the other Penguins fans was unbelievably disgusting. I just cannot imagine a situation that would cause me to boo my own home team. Some of the fans were yelling out disparaging comments about our own players, and people were leaving the game from early in the third period (when Minnesota went up 4-0). I have trouble believing that any of the people booing their own team are true Pens fans. They really don't deserve to live so close!
  • Even though the game was going terribly for the Pens (we were down 5-0) I was amazed with the crowd's response towards the end of the game (in a good way). There had been a minor scuffle earlier on in the game - but nothing I would call a real fight. With less than 5 minutes to go in the game, Brooks Orpik and Kyle Wanvig participated in the first NHL hockey fight that I had witnessed. The audience made the most noise I had ever heard as the Penguins defender clearly won the fight. Sure, most of the negative nellys had gone by this point, but the crowd just went wild. I guess it was a small victory considering, but it did put a slightly positive note at the end of the game.

After the loss we went back to our hotel room a little dejected, but it did raise an interesting point. I had yet to see my favourite team win a game of hockey, and they only had one chance remaining. Against my (now) wife's favourite hockey team. Belinda had hoped that the Penguins would have won the Minnesota game so that I could get the victory out of the way, and lessen the blow of a loss against Colorado. Whatever happened - we would have a long time to talk about it, as our flight home was scheduled for the next day!

This is the 17th in the Honeymoon Travel Log series
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