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The rarely updated blog of Joel Dixon

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

You have been the ones, you have been the ones for me.

# Posted by Joel Dixon at 29/05/2010 18:23:42

When Belinda and I discussed our separation a year ago, our babies (our two dogs and two cats) were an early concern. We decided that Belinda would keep the dogs, and I would keep the cats.

But as it's looking like Belinda will be staying in our current house I've realised that it's unfair to take the cats out of this environment. Belinda works from home, they get Bell's attention all day and have grown to depend on human interaction. They also love the size of this three-bedroom house, constantly running up and down the long hallway.

I'd hope they'd get used to any environment I put them into given enough time - but I love them enough to know they'd be happier here with Bell.

I'll miss my little kitties - but I'll be visiting them at least once a week before basketball games, and Belinda will just have to take more photos of them

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Yoshi The Dog

# Posted by Joel Dixon at 30/06/2007 08:41:40

As mentioned before I am a cat person. I know it's not the most manly of things to admit - but I've always been fond of kitties, and who couldn't be after watching clips like this. Belinda, however, is definately a dog person, and has had an Akita named Saki for many years now.

Belinda is also a professional dog trainer with a local dog training school and occasionally provides private training lessons for people she knows. When we were discussing our potential marriage many years ago a bargin was struck - Belinda could, at any one time, only have two dogs and two cats and in return I would never have to do any work relating to the animals (i.e. cleaning their output, feeding them, walks). It turned out ok in the end - we now have two kitties that I'm somewhat fond of, but I do clean up the kitty litter twice a week. And recently, we got out second dog. Meet Yoshi.

Showing off
I guess he's kinda cute

Playing hide and seek

Sleeping together
They normally don't get along this well

Sleep and play
All he does is sleep and play

More Chewing
He's also chewing anything he can get his teeth onto

Crazy Saki
Saki thinks she can fit in Yoshi's bed. She didn't have too bad an attempt

We picked up Yoshi from a not-so local breeder, and I must admit he's kinda cool. He's still in his puppy stage though, so prefers to piss on floorboards instead of grass - but I'm sure that'll pass (it did for me, eventually). Belinda has taken many photos of him, and has also dedicated part of her website for him. Apparently Yoshi means divine wind or noble face or similar in Japanese - but I'm sure you can guess why I approved of the name! Anyway, I welcome Yoshi to our family, hopefully he's the only new addition for many years to come (unless we buy guinea pigs)!

Monday, June 11, 2007

More Family Members

# Posted by Joel Dixon at 11/06/2007 23:22:00

I would say I'm a cat person, mainly because of our childhood cat Coco (short for Coconut). It was only a matter of time before Bell and I got us some purty cats of our own. We've had them for about 6 months now (they've already lasted longer than some of our poor fish) and I've finally gotten the photo's off Bell's camera. Allow me to formally introduce them:



Yes, we have named another pet after my favourite ice hockey player (and recently named youngest ever NHL captain) Sidney Crosby. (To be fair - the fish's name was "Crosby Scores" which is a lot different from plain old Crosby). Crosby is probably the runt of his litter (even thought he eats like some kind of pig-cat) - but while he is tiny, his snow white fur is incredibly soft and his eyes are a brilliant blue. Crosby loves human interaction, and will waltz up to Belinda and I, meow, then lie down on his back awaiting pats. Crosby is an attention seeker, and because Belinda can give him attention most days Crosby would probably be Belinda's cat.



Belinda wanted a dignified name for our cats, but was really stuck on Oscar. I was happy with the name too, but mainly because of the Sesame Street connection (though my number one choice for a Sesame Street name was Frazzle). Oscar must be one of the biggest cats from his litter, he can always be heard plodding up the hallway. Oscar loves playing underneath things such as boxes and sheets and has a silver streak in his fur as well as a goatie (a centimeter or so long tuff of hair under his chin). Oscar isn't as openly affectionate as Crosby, but starts his loud purrs when you look at him, and will always come and lie right next to me before going bed to get some pattings. Oscar has bonded better to me and would probably be my cat.

Both cats are Ragdolls, a placid and docile breed that tend to go floppy when held upsidedown (hence the name). They're very cute, and have made me look forward to going home that little bit more. Belinda has taken heaps of photos of course:

Sleepy Crosby
The first photo taken - I think this is Crosby (the only way I could tell the difference at this age was Oscar's goatie which is not visible here)

Sleepy Oscar
Pretty sure this is Oscar - goatie is barely visible

Crosby loved this little tunnell in their scratching post (he can't fit in there anymore)

They both loved little pieces of rope or string - just like the cartoons!

Even a brief iron didn't straighten Crosby's fur

The boys wrestle a fair bit - and used to love fighting on the scratching post


We have small chairs with mesh bottoms that they would use to fight between

Santa Crosby
Crosby Clause

Santa Oscar
Oscar was not amused

Hungry Kitty
No, this is not the reason we lost all of our fishies

They love each other

Oscar's dirty little secret


Oscar is our very own Bonsai Kitten

They hardly ever sleep together like this anymore - so Belinda took a quick photo

It may be a bit girly, but our kittens are cool!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Heeeeeeere Fishy, Fishy, Fishy, Fishy!

# Posted by Joel Dixon at 20/04/2006 22:41:00

The Dixon family now has some new additions! While most people eat lots of fish on Good Friday, we saved some from certain toilet-related death. We've had two large vases that Bell had always thought could be converted into fish tanks - and last Friday she went down to the pet store and bought six. We've finally decided on names (earlier suggestions such as Fluffy Apples, Gratch and Spot were left by the wayside), so I thought I'd formally introduce them.

They're kind of divided into two groups (as they're in two separate tanks) - my group is known as "The Carpet Munchers" as they took so long to swim to the top of the vase and eat their dinner. Allow me to introduce them formally, and fill you in on their secret skills (well, name origin):

Eric Cairns

  • Eric is the biggest fish we have, so I thought he'd be a good enforcer for the star in his vase. A good mate and myself had been following the career of a NHL enforcer named Eric Cairns partly because his surname can also refer to a female body part, but mainly because of his attitude to hockey (hockey fighting in particular).
  • Oh eck! Eric is Bananaman - a cartoon I used to watch a lot in my youth. I only just discovered now - that the whole show (male parts anyway) was voiced by The Goodies.
  • Eric's got no pull (see The Jerky Boys 4).
  • When we used to have chickens at our house - one was called Eric (named after my grandfather).

Crosby Scores
  • Due to the yellow, black and silver colouring - I chose to name this fish after the youngest player to score 100 points in the NHL - Sidney Crosby.
  • Even though he has more assists than goals in his rookie year - Bell thought "Scores" would be a good surname for Sid the Fish.
  • Although I put Eric in the vase with Crosby to protect him - turns out Crosby's a bit of a nutter. He keeps taking runs at his roommates - and sometimes swims straight into the glass walls.

Buster Rhymes
  • The final Carpet Muncher was called Buster as he was the smallest of all 6 fish. Although he's small - he's always at the top of the bowl when it's dinner time. Bell and I aren't necessarily huge fans of Busta Rhymes - but thought the surname fit.

Fins McGill
  • Bell thought of Fins as a good name for a fish - and decided to bestow this name on the fish with the white fins.

Tiger Fish
  • Bell's a big fan of Tigers, so when we decided Fluffy Apples was a stupid name, we went with Tiger Fish.

Lara Croft
  • Those who know Bell know of her Lara Croft obsession - so it was fair enough that one fish was named after the Tomb Raider.
  • Lara seems to be the smartest of the fish - as she was the first one game enough to eat the food we put in their bowls.
  • Lara was originally called Spot - until Belinda decided that the fish was definitely female.

Although not entirely related to our fish - I did get a boat load of Easter Eggs this year! Having a wife has benefits!


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