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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Odaiba (Tokyo), Japan - 2015

# Posted by Joel Dixon at 11/04/2015 09:27:04
Updated by Joel Dixon at 11/04/2015 13:23:45 - typo

After our trip to the Honda building we took a fancy monorail to the artificial island of Odaiba. Initially built in 1850 as a defensive response to Commodore Matthew Perry's (not the guy from Friends - it's just a co-incidence) attempts to open up Japan to the rest of the world. It was expanded in the late 20th century and now provides the home to a giant Gundam mech statue.

Gundam and Me
One of the main attractions in the end - a giant robot statue (Joel provided for scale)

I was very excited about Odaiba initially - mainly because of Joypolis which is a Sega amusement park! Visions of sonic-speed roller coasters, sipping cocktails out of Chaos Emeralds and collecting golden rings to 8-bit soundtracks tantalised my mind and ensured Odaiba would remain a destination on our trip. In the end Joypolis was a huge letdown, and the rest of Odaiba didn't really do much for either of us - it was kind of a slightly better Docklands.

Knuckes, Sonic and Tails
So Joypolis was a let down - but I'll never turn down an opportunity to take a photo with Sonic!

In general, Joypolis was a kid's theme park. I probably should have assumed it would be, but the blue hedgehog powered my optimism. I've been to a kid theme park before, but I guess the complete lack of English and the tiny floor space all contributed to the un-enjoyable experience. The only part that we did enjoy was the Sonic Athletics game, with 8 treadmills setup in front of video screens for a three-event competition. I felt a bit bad because we would be competing against teenagers, but once the starter's pistol sounded and white-line fever took over I wasn't so concerned (I won two of the three events and came second in the other one for an easy victory).

The scene of my teenage slaughter. The only thing that was missing was theme music from Green Hill Zone

Pee Games
Even the toilets came with games. I didn't do as well on this one - call it stage fright I guess

As well as Joypolis, Odaiba has a number of stores you would expect at a teenage paradise: cinemas, fast food outlets, Dippin' Dots and fashion outlets. It also had a couple of pretty cool scenes at night with the lights on - but the fabled Rainbow Bridge was green when we were there. One colour a rainbow does not make!

Tree lights
Christmas lights in March?

Not So Rainbow
The monochromatic rainbow bridge - with a fake Statue of Liberty. Why must you turn your island into a house of lies?

This is the 9th in the Super Fun Chronological Japan Travel Catalogue series
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