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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Kamakura, Japan - 2015

# Posted by Joel Dixon at 16/04/2015 02:14:44

Pao and I were unsure as to whether we should include Kamakura to our list of Japanese cities to visit. Pretty much all it has is a giant outdoor buddha at the Kotoku-in temple. When I read more about the statue and saw a few pictures, I figured we'd have to fit a brief stop at Kamakura if nothing else.

Who's that peeking over the fence?

Kamakura was the de facto capital of Japan during the Kamakura Period - and it is around this time that a giant buddha statue was created out of wood, taking around 10 years to complete. After only 5 years the statue was damaged in a storm (and the hall containing it destroyed) so they decided to create a bronze statue in its place.

Huge B uddha
I asked everyone to move out of the way - but they weren't very accommodating

The statue was originally contained with a hall (as was the original wood statue) but it was destroyed by a storm, rebuilt, destroyed by another storm, rebuilt again and then destroyed by a tsunami. At this point they decided to stop building halls for it and leave it out in the open (probably a wise and overdue choice). It was also originally covered in gold which certainly would have made for a majestic sight. As it was - I was pretty happy that we included a visit to the giant Kamakura buddha, and I even got a chance to hop inside him.

Speed Vents
I'm not sure if these air vents would speed him up or slow him down if he were real - but they look pretty cool regardless

All Up Inside
So now I've been inside the Statue of Liberty and the giant buddha of Kamakura. I preferred it inside Lady Liberty (and that's not just because it was a lady statue)

While looking into the location of the giant buddha statue I stumbled upon some information about the Hasedera temple - well, rather some pictures. Heaps of cute tiny statues ensured we would have a second (and final) stop in Kamakura.

Three Buddhas
They know how to make their statues cute in Japan (much like everything else I guess)

More Than Three
They also know how to repeat something over and over

A final pretty sight just before we left for Osaka

This is the 12th in the Super Fun Chronological Japan Travel Catalogue series
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