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The rarely updated blog of Joel Dixon

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Sunday, July 10, 2005


# Posted by Joel Dixon at 10/07/2005 23:33:00
Updated by Joel Dixon at 21/12/2012 22:26:03

Going through some of my old uni work, I found my Checkers assignment. It's not very good - but I like the look of it. I've stuffed up the Game Tree Algorithm though - as the computer plays good for the first half of the game, then it tries to let me capture it's pieces.

Oh well, enjoy.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Java Snob

# Posted by Joel Dixon at 17/06/2005 17:52:00
Updated by Joel Dixon at 15/12/2017 02:44:39 - Long delayed typo resolution

Java has been my programming language since my first year at university (1999). Before Uni I had toyed with Basic, Turbo Pascal and VBA (Visual Basic behind Access / Excel) for VCE, but my largest programming experience was Batch files on our home computer.

I really took to Java at uni, and programmed a few things in my own time (a calculator and text editor). When I started my graduate job I was put on a Java maintenance project, which I enjoyed a lot for the first few years. Since then, I have also been toying with my shape drawing program in my spare time - which I also enjoy.

I haven't coded much Java lately, as I've been doing .NET work and recently been on a BizTalk Server course which I enjoyed thoroughly. Tonight I decided to play with my shape drawing program and try to get some work done. So I started JBuilder and couldn't start - I've been spoiled by Visual Studio, and .NET development.

JBuilder's Form Designer is shite - and wiring up event processing is tiresome. The IntelliSense was also limited compared to what I've been used to. A mate from work was saying that .NET development was very enjoyable - I'm starting to understand why.

So I've closed my JBuilder - and I'm not sure if I'm going to opening it again from home. Perhaps more Java projects at work will change my mind - but for now I think I'll be happy with .NET.

Unless there's a client that wants an MS-DOS Batch File solution

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Dragging and dropping

# Posted by Joel Dixon at 10/02/2005 01:26:00

It took me ages, but I finally got drag-and-drop working in my shape drawing program. I had to code most of it myself (the Java dnd stuff wasn't that helpful), but it works just as I like it.

When you draw a few shapes (that intersect), you can use the object browser to drag them up and down the list (the shapes are drawn from bottom to top). So the shape at the top of the object browser will be drawn on top of all of the other shapes. (use different colours and thicknesses to really see the effect)

Small things amuse small minds - and my small mind was busy on that one for a while

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Draw some shapes - WOW!

# Posted by Joel Dixon at 20/01/2005 11:52:00

For the last 2 years I've been on the same project, providing support for an existing system. While I have made small / medium changes to the system, most of my time is spent dealing with problems to do with business logic.

As a result, I've decided to download JBuilder and stuff around with some math based programming.

I'm going to make a program that allows you to draw shapes (furniture) so that you can move them around and design a room. I've finished the drawing of shapes part - and thought I'd put it up here (I'll also post the source code when I get back home).

Click here for Shape Drawing Applet. It's very crappy at the moment, but it works and provides some basic options. When I tested that it was uploaded properly, I had already found one small bug - see if you can find it.

Let me know if there are any features / options that would make this program better (I'm already adding colour for the next version).

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