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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Harajuku (Tokyo), Japan - 2015

# Posted by Joel Dixon at 08/04/2015 12:56:10

Our schedule needed to be adjusted slightly due to Honda's robot demonstration not being available on a particular day - which allowed us to visit Harajuku on a slightly overcast Sunday. I was pretty excited by this, because it meant we could catch the Harajuku rockabilly dancers that hangout around Yoyogi park and dance to Japanese and Western rock music. I'm not entirely sure why they do it - but I'm glad they do because it was quite a fun sight to experience.

Harajuku Rock
Pretty cool to watch, they've apparently been doing this for a while

After much hair-combing, crotch-grabbing and lip-curling we continued to walk through the park and noticed it was beyond packed - mainly with young people. Turns out it was a student holiday and everyone decided to have a picnic. This was pretty cool, until it started to rain just as we were about to head to the station - causing everyone to join us.

Blossom Party
Almost more people than blossoms, many of whom were partaking in typical college-appropriate activities (although I didn't once smell pot which was odd)

The next day we returned to Harajuku and this time strolled down the busy Takeshita Dori - a shopping strip focussing on young people fashion which was completely lost on us. What was not lost on us was the crepes - quite famous in Harajuku (which I had already assumed based on the chain crepe store I love in Knox). Pao and I selected one each, and they were quite tasty even though they were not the easiest to eat.

Maid Marion
Marion Crepes was very busy - but the sample of each style made selection a breeze

Crammed Crepe
A little difficult to eat without sitting down, my beard feasted on chocolate and whipped cream this morn

After filling up on crepes we quickly checked out Togo shrine which was beautiful but absent of people. What wasn't absent of people was the toy store Kiddy Land and the souvenir store Oriental Bazaar. I was a little disappointed in the toy store, less fun toys and lots of collectables like in Akihabara. Oriental bazaar was as to be expected, loads of tourists buying overpriced tokens (I include us in this group).

More Shrine
Almost nobody joined us at this shrine which was strange...

More Wedding
... because it is quite beautiful. Here we are interrupting yet another wedding

More Tiny Toys
Even though I don't feel collectables should be classified as toys - some of them are pretty cool in Japan

The final sight of Harajuku was a visit to Meiji shrine, dedicated to the Emperor Meiji, responsible for much change in Japan. The shrine was packed but well worth a visit, especially the immaculate garden path leading up to a well in the corner. As usual, the actual shrine was not as interesting as the areas surrounding it, including massive wooden torii gates and walls of alcohol. In all, Harajuku was fun, but extremely crowded and far too youth-oriented for our liking.

Fancy Well
Well, well, well - what have we here?

Wine Me
Apparently Meiji was a fan of drinking wine with his meals...

Sake Me
... and sake at all other times

This is the 7th in the Super Fun Chronological Japan Travel Catalogue series
GET 1 - Nikko, Japan - 2015GET 2 - Ueno (Tokyo), Japan - 2015GET 3 - Akihabara (Tokyo), Japan - 2015GET 4 - Ginza (Tokyo), Japan - 2015GET 5 - Asakusa (Tokyo), Japan - 2015GET 6 - Shinjuku (Tokyo), Japan - 2015GET 7 - Harajuku (Tokyo), Japan - 2015GET 8 - Shibuya (Tokyo), Japan - 2015GET 9 - Odaiba (Tokyo), Japan - 2015GET 10 - Kawaguchiko (Five Lakes), Japan - 2015GET 11 - Yokohama, Japan - 2015GET 12 - Kamakura, Japan - 2015GET 13 - Osaka, Japan - 2015GET 14 - Kobe, Japan - 2015GET 15 - Hiroshima, Japan - 2015GET 16 - Himeji & Nara, Japan - 2015GET 17 - Kyoto, Japan - 2015GET 18 - Iga, Japan - 2015GET 19 - Nagoya, Japan - 2015GET 20 - Takayama & Gero, Japan - 2015GET 21 - Sakura & Bonus Wrap-up, Japan - 2015
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