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The rarely updated blog of Joel Dixon
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Monday, July 30, 2012

Vancouver and Victoria, Canada - 2011

# Posted by Joel Dixon at 30/07/2012 12:08:18
Updated by Joel Dixon at 30/07/2012 12:39:02

Well I'm off to Europe in a few short days and I hope to be blogging about my experiences during the trip. This reminded me that I never ended up blogging about my Canadian travel which occurred more than a year ago. So here is a belated attempt at clearing my blog workload freeing me up for EuroJoel 2012.

When I heard that two of my friends were getting married in Canada I immediately decided that I would find a way to get over there and watch the joyous occasion. I didn't want to do the trip on my own, so I invited my little sister Chelsea to join me (masqueraded as a 21st birthday present) to ensure I retain the mantle of best brother. In the end we decided on a three week journey incorporating Vancouver, Victoria, Whistler, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City and New York. This is our stories (although many events may have been modified to present me in a more positive light ).

The flights to Vancouver were pretty uneventful (although I was assured by Chels that aeroplane food is "manky"). Chelsea had brought along her snowboard and it was kinda cool using the "special luggage" facilities for the first time. After that point, our special luggage was no longer cool - the sadistic snowboard bag was the most difficult and thing to lug around for our time in Canada (especially since we only needed it for four days).

We both enjoyed Vancouver - characterised by the nice people and crazy buses. I had my first Caesar, kind of like a Bloody Mary but with clam broth which was delicious. We got to see Gassy Joe (after standing 50 meters away from it for 5 minutes while consulting the map in a search to find it), and some fancy sculptures. We got to watch the Canucks win a hockey game from the Shark Club Bar which was cool. We also went on an hour-long walk in the rain looking for a massage vendor only to find there was one in our hotel (that had just closed while we were on our walk) which was less than cool.

After the few days in Vancouver we flew down to Victoria for the wedding. Perhaps it was just the family and friends of the married couple to-be - but I absolutely loved Victoria. The people were so welcoming and their city is quite beautiful - I would almost certainly choose to live there if I get kicked out of Melbourne. Admittedly there was not too much going on in the city - but Vancouver is a short ferry away if required.

As usually happens when I attend wedding for great friends - it was amazing and the time just flew by. The food was also wonderful, with very strangely-coloured vegetables. After the wedding my sister joined me at the after-party where many drinks were had and further friends were made.

Chelsea taking a photo of a bus
One of many opportunities I had to take a photo of Chelsea while she was taking a photo of a bus

Gassy Joe sign
The map that we spent 5 mintues reading trying to find the Gassy Joe statue (in background: the Gassy Joe statue)

Olympic Cauldron
The Olympic Cauldron from the Vancouver Winter games

Coloured veggies
I ate the purple carrot because I'd never eaten a purple carrot before and I wanted to eat one

I suspect this picture was taken after I'd had a few drinks, but I'm not sure

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