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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Ocean's Twelve

# Posted by Joel Dixon at 18/12/2004 19:48:00

As the title suggests - I went to see Ocean's Twelve last night - and I must say I was quite disappointed. I actually didn't see the remake of Ocean's Eleven when it came out at the cinemas, I thought it had made money based on its' star power. Turns out I should have seen the first one at the movies - and left this one to DVD.

IMO, the best part of the first movie was the carefully organised and well thought out heist. The sequel replaced this with a slow moving story with eighteen "surprise" plot twists. The script wasn't written as the Ocean's Eleven sequel and it shows - as there were too many players for the story. And when the director decides to do an oddly anged zoom in on each of the characters - it got old after about 3.

A welcomed addition is Vincent Cassel as an arrogant French master thief, and the soundtrack is really quite good. I was laughing through some of it - but I was mostly waiting for it to hurry up.

Overall - 2.5 stars out of 5.

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I thought it was pretty good. It's true the first one was probably better but I thought that everyone seemed a little more at ease in this film. Maybe 3-3.5 out of 5 stars? Damon easily stole the show this time around.

# Posted - 19/12/2004 03:02:00
That's fair enough - and you're right about Matt Damon, he did very well. I also thought that Goerge Clooney and Brad Pitt maintained the good chemistry they had in the first.

I spoke to some friends about it at lunch today - and realised that I liked the first one because they thought of a way to steal money - then got together a group of people that could perform the job. Each of them had a specific task that they were required to do. In this one, they decided on the personnel first - then the job. Half of them weren't really needed.

For example - Basher (Demolitions expert) filled some odd jobs with technology - but it felt a little forced. Yen (Grease-man) swam under the Venice rivers for a few minutes - then got stuck in a bag the rest of the film.

* SPOILER * (not that anyone else will read this comment) I guess it also annoyed me that a large percentage of the movie had no point - as they stole the egg before it even got to the exhibition.

I guess I'm hard to please.

I saw the trailer to Batman Begins you put on your blog the other day - it looks good. I knew there was a new Batman in the works - but I didn't know it was going to ignore all of the other Batman movies that have already been made. Should be interesting!

# Posted - 19/12/2004 20:02:00

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